Le Cirque Animalier de Cartier Watches

8After the real world tour started sailing last year in Asia, Le Cirque Animalier DE replica watches cartier series logged in America: the eagle, crocodiles and raccoon stepped into traveling the dream team of this charming country. The fantastic three original artworks are limited released wrist watches with the serial numbers, to display pure craft jewelry production workmanship.

Cartier inlayed the diamonds on mother pearl shellfish to form the mysterious sky; the cillery colored drawn by the green enamel is with the diamond; Black lacquer painted wings stretch flying at opposite ends of the watch dial; All of them are full of pavement . Cartier invited many professional artisans around the clock to create the animal that has been infested the micro stage with the real three-dimensional sculpture. There has circle within the circle, and inlayed the diamonds in the crystal case, only with this kind of design can foil a precious moment that is desirable.

8 k gold watch case with round diamond – the tercel is decorated with 18 k gold refining, and set with round diamond, emerald eyes, the black double color enamel painted feathers – 18 k yellow gold dial, also set full of round diamond, the black double color enamel paint and mother-of-pearl feathers – beige spun silk watch strap, with 18 k gold inlaid round diamond button pin type watch buckle – using quartz movement – diamond weighing 6.03 carats.

The hidden type wrist watch is the traditional characteristic of the Cartier brand. Cartier fuses the circulation of time, seductive charm and Endless fun into the enchanting watch case of the Panthère secrète de Cartier to become latest generation of the brand tradition. And it will be a great replica cartier watches uk with high collection value that worthy your purchase while showing your charm and your unique temperament and taste.

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